ToDo list:

  • Make corrections in polish user manual
  • Create English user manual

Unfortunately almost all available FLASH memory in ATMega64 are used already, so adding new futures is almost impossible. Errors are corrected (after someone find them).

Version history:


Versions between 0.074 and 0.080 were created only for testing purposes.
  • FIX! in some conditions (double change mixer type from curve to other type, save and then back to curve SAVE) cause damage model config!
  • FIX: delay mixer adjustments (unused delay mixer history deleted only when needed)
  • trimers reinvented !:
  • output signal (with trimmers added) is now truncated to values set in radio config.
  • Model -> Visualization is now PPM Visualization. It shows REAL ppm output after trims and reverses scaled in min/max from "Radio control" (for standard visualization use BASIC->Visualization)
  • CONFIG->Radio Config: def.min and def.max are now minimum and maximum values of signals
  • new model output calibration is now def.mid (from radio config) +/- 500us
  • servo center, servo (outputs) settings are now limited to min/max settings from "radio control"
  • Trim delay can now be set from "1" (before from 5)
  • radio config defaults: min/max are set to 260 / 1740 us which should be ok for build in flysky radio channel
  • some spelling mistakes fixed
  • watchdog
  • added: reboot after model load and after new model (empty) by watchdog
  • mixer points are cleared after mixer delete/redefinition
  • "RC" in EEPROM is now written in correct order


  • fixed Timer/Clock display as value, or use as mixer input (advanced)
  • fixed small display glitch (state machine configuration)


  • fixed 3400989 Condition - strange behaviour
  • fixed 3400987 "empty" condition after condition mode change


  • fixed trim save problem


  • fixed trim error (when output channel output in reverse mode and trim < 0)


  • new PPM generation schema added (PPM const), which has constant frame length (sync signal longer to maintain constant frame length), can be setup in Radio Configuration
  • "empty" condition now visible as Disabled
  • empty state bits in "SET" rule in state machine now shown as "_" instead of space
  • fixed configuration display for TReset rule in state machine (wrong selection)
  • fixed display (configuration display module - VARIABLE)


  • file definition changed still compatible with previous, but latest file version number is 12
  • internal variables can be changed by trims (after configuration and activation)
    that connection is done by state machine rule
    other state machine rule can revert normal trim behavior
    actual connection are visible in "Basic/Internal Variables" menu
  • trims range extended to -100,100 to unify with internal variables settings
  • trims can't shorter signal more than to "1" tick (0.5 ns) *fixed*
  • text input purify (only letters, numbers and - allowed for directory/names)
  • internal variables saved with trims
  • global trim settings can again be saved (fixed)
  • internal var and trims can be changed via StateMachine rules (Author mode only) !!! Waring, that changes are not autosaved! (save with trim change or menu enter)
  • bad state machine rule type now displayed properly (no screen artifacts) *fixed*
  • added extra "reset" command to handle faulty LCD screens *fixed*


  • no public release (for tests only)


  • important fix! Editing curve mixer fixed

0.066 DON'T USE

  • DON'T USE! - Have a bug which disallows use curve mixers.


  • some screen fixes
  • load SD model should be faster (saves only differences to eeprom)
  • battery voltage should now change more smoothly (15/16)
  • some additional instruction during LCD init (maybe it fix some broken LCD issues)


  • Fixed LCD contrast issue
  • Fixed old_servo_variables (available only in author mode)


  • fixed (hacked) a problem with some SD cards that cause DN key stop working after few seconds after SD access.
  • added "numeric" values to output visualisation (could be useful)


  • fixed memory clear after loading model from SD, and then using function "New model"

0.061 BETA

  • First BETA version (no more futures, only fixing)
  • trim display (changed to full square when on 0)
  • when loading model from SD card, file name replace internal model name
  • Info menu now has proper "Directory / Name" descriptions
  • SD Card info no longer shown fat table size
  • change in "beep" handling. Now some of signals has priority over others. Priority has trim when pass thought "0" and any signal from state machine.
  • some code changes to save flash in: visualization,

Older version... probably that is not important any more (you can check this in SVN file history description)

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