User manual: What is RadioClone?

RadioClone is custom firmware for Eurgle/FlySky/Imax/Turnigy 9x r/c Transmitter.

To use RadioClone, you must first modify your transmitter and replace the software. For instructions how to do this, look to the section Hardware.


Probably any transmitter you used till today, forced you to think about what you do can do with it, by providing a few or several ready-to-use solutions. There you can choose for example, that you are using a model plane, then select the V-tail mixer + a few extra features (like dual rate, expo, or x-point curve, etc). Sometimes you still have a few custom mixers. And now think about some crazy concept, such as open ailerons in the delta plane here – and? Suddenly, it turns out that the "programmable" radio is not as flexible and versatile as marketers told you. If this example is not spoke to you, think of such a model Backhoe. :)

Not convinced? So lets make a simple model of a cat / dog based on only a few servos (kitty). Can you configure this on your top brand radio? With RadioClone its possible! RadioClone premise is to be universal. Unfortunately, everything has its price. Here the price is to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT before you start. It sounds trivial, but it you need to change the way of thinking from "what I'm allowed to do" a new one "what I want to do, and how". This may cause some difficulties...


... (TODO)

In action
State machine:

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