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Due to the high potential model RadioClone configuration, the processor's internal memory can store only one model. To solve this problem I added the ability to save and read the SD card models. A single model is 2kilobajty, so the 2 GB card can fit them almost 1000!
Due to the limited memory of the processor used in the apparatus, the use of the card has its limitations.
  • You can use cards up to 2 GB (not tested on SDHC cards! - Probably will not work)
  • File and directory names can not exceed 8 characters (limit display and memory card)
  • We support only one level of folders. So the directory is not a subdirectory can have
  • Models must be stored inside the directories. It's just a better card order!
  • Placing a large number of models in the same directory will result in the difficulty of access to them (the need long scroll list)
  • When viewing a list of files, they are not sorted alphabetically, but displayed according to their structure write on the card. This can cause problems (see previous point)
Even with these limitations should not be any problems with the storage of hundreds of models organized as in several catalogs ... + Directories with templates models to use. The message about the lack of communication with the card:

Determine the communication speed of the SD card:

The divisor is an additional factor which is shared by the CPU clock for clock to clock communication with the SD card. In general, it must be assumed that the higher the score, the card is slower (more time it takes to browse directories - refresh the screen with a list of files).

It can be assumed that the reader "samoróbka" should work even with the divider from 64 to 32, while the developed by Mark Spychalski no problem working with a divisor of 16 (which is an optimal value). further increasing the communication speed is possible, but its effectiveness depends on the diligence of the cable routing cover (distance from anything that can cause interference, or even shielding them), and the type of SD card used?

Please note that if you change the configuration of the model (even the trim settings), before loading the new model, we should save the old model to the SD card! Otherwise, we will lose all the changes.
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