User manual: Moving on - the configuration model

The main configuration of the model set in the MODEL menu. I suggest the following configuration mode:
  1. start by renaming inputs and variables used mixers and virtual switches, so that later easier access to them.
  2. set a second level mixers in which variables should be assigned to the appropriate mixer (or in exceptional cases and other variables) to reflect the structure of the model outputs. (MODEL-> mixers 2.Poziom)
  3. Set the first level mixer (do not using any phases of flight, etc.) at the beginning of the indicated conditions is set to "always on". (MODEL-> mixers 1.Having)
  4. Test whether the output behave in a manner that was planned (MODEL-> Visualization)
  5. Run the model (keeping safety precautions such as photo prop) and correct the "centers" serve (BASIS-> Output), or even ranges of traffic servos (MODEL-> Exit)
If everything works as expected:
  1. Modify mixers 1st level to take into account the expected flight phase
  2. Configure the first clock
  3. Set additional configuration details (if required),
  4. configure the display
  5. If necessary, configure the machine your state. (MODEL-> machine stateful)
  6. To test whether the corresponding virtual switches turn on and off in a manner that was planned (MODEL-> Visualization)
The task of programming you could really help if we are running the program with the model, or even seeing the several servos connected to the receiver and arranged as in the model. Virtually all of the changes made ​​to the mixers are shown in "real time" and if something goes our way just press EXIT and return settings before the last change.


Menu:MODEL -> Rename

Here you can assign new names to virtual switches, inputs (bars, knobs, switches), Variable model variables mixers.

All names of virtual switches, except for names may be up to 4 characters.
It is recommended that variables mixers mean significantly, for example, in the default configuration are preceded the letter M.

Output (servo) - Advanced Calibration

Menu:MODEL -> Output (servo)

Here you can change the range of motion of the servo. A sample configuration screen looks like this:

It is recommended that variables mixers mean significantly, for example, in the default configuration are preceded the letter M.


Menu:MODEL -> PWM Visualization

In this option, we syngał sent to the transmitter. Sample screen looks like this:

Visualization is similar to that of PODSTWY menu. It differs, however, that shows the 14 channels at a time. Channels are not described, only arranged in groups of 4, 3, and others. It should be noted that the shown rówież are taken to reverse the output channels in the "Exodus". As the minimum and maximum values ​​are accepted the global configuration defined radio track.
If a model has more than 14 channels are shown only the first 14. In addition, the top of the screen visible virtual switches are active.

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