Hardware description: Simulator and Trainer mode

Table of contents

  1. Problem
  2. Preparations
  3. Soldering
Author El.Szaman


In "original" state Turnigy 9X v2 with radio module in socket you cant use it in "SLAVE" mode or connect it to simulator. To recover correct functionality You need to remove radio module, but this is not too comfortable or safe. Module hanging on thin antenna cable will sooner or later fall off... To get this function back without removing radio module, You need to "hack" your transmitter. For example You can do it such way:


Clean from section of path from solder mask a bit longer than future resistor, then cut that path.
Place prepared for resistor soldering:


In that place You need to solder 1 kOhm min 0.25W resistor
Soldered resistor:

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