Hardware description: Interface SD (prof)

RadioClone can access SD cards using dedicated adapter (it was designed and manufactured by Mark Spychalski). Below you can find its installation manual.

WARNING! I can't guarantee that if you purchase any SD interface, it will work. I have tried some available SD interfaces, but without success.
This interface is the result of Marks many tests and trials. Selling price covers the cost of components, manufacture and testing. Small profit is spend entirely on the maintenance of this site ...


  • Interface is supported only by RadioClone firmware (Er9x or Standard firmware doesn't support SD cards).
  • RadioClone supports only standard SD cards (SDHC cards are not supported).
  • Installation require using soldering iron (see description below)

How to get?

You can by it from me. Price 25 USD including shipping and handling (Europe) (additional 1USD for international shipping)

Where to install

Board is designed to install it on top of transmitter below front panel. It fits between two plastic rods. It is required to cut a hole for SD card. Best way you can do this is to use "dremel" like tool or hot knife. Hole should be finished with file. Board can be fixed in place with hot glue gun.

Where to solder

pins on board

Colors used for each pins:
Color Name
Blue Vcc
Black CS
White GND
Green SCK(CLK)
Brown MISO

CS wire can be soldered to any or both of the selected pad (signal is on both). This should make soldering easier.
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