Hardware description: Flashing

How to flash new firmware into transmitter

Required hardware

I assume, that you have installed ISP connector already (see previous parts of this manual). You will need programmer. I recommend cheapest one: USBasp. You can buy it in popular auction services like ebay for few bucks. Programmer must have that same ISP connector as your transmitter. If you installed non standard ISP (like round one), then you need solder proper plug to your programmer.

If you like challenges, then you can manufacture this programmer itself. Here is the project home page: www.fischl.de

Most USBasp programmers has the ability to switch modes. First mode allows selecting target board processor clock. You can choose the programming of processors> 1.5 MHz. Usually this setting is done via jumpers like on this picture:

Second mode (which is not available on all programers) is possibility of powering programing target. Here you can chose. If you want's to program your radio without switching is online - chose to power target from programer. If you don't have such possibility (or it is disabled), then you need to switch your transmitter on before programing.

Caution! Do not connect programer to PC yet. First you need to install software and drivers.

Required software

One of the best programing tools for USBasp programer is Extreame Burner. His installer can be downloaded here: Extreame Burner

Extreme Burner is available for different platforms (XP, Vista, Win7, Linuix). Everyone should find something for himself. Additionally, the installer includes drivers required to operate the programmer. It is therefore necessary to first install the software, and then connect the interface to a computer.

After installing Extreme Burner, you can connect USBasp to USB port. If you are doing it for first time, there should appear an info about searching for drivers. You can chose to auto find drivers. Correct installation should end with this screen:

How to do it

First, download the appropriate version of the firmware. This can be done from "Downloads" section. Please use the latest version for your language:

  • pl - Polish
  • en - English
  • de - German

Now you can start with firmware flashing:

  1. Connect programer to computer
  2. Connect programer to transmitter
  3. Start Extreme Burner
  4. Choose proper chip type (ATmega64A)

  5. Open .hex file downloaded from site (OPEN)

  6. Next, save new FLASH to processor:

The process takes a while (several minutes or tens of seconds - depending on the location of the jumpers on the programmer). Upon completion, the transmitter still needs about 30 seconds to save the EEPROM with default values.

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