How to connect 3-position switch to any channel?

Published on 01/27/2012
How to connect 3-position switch to any channel?
Simplest solution is to select the 2nd level mixer, adjust the curve. As input select Fmod (switch 3-position) as Output -> channel to which you want send you result. The condition set to "Always ON" (unless you don't want it always work...).

While switching the 3-position switch, you can see on the diagram which value (-100, 0, 100) corresponds to which switch position, as the current reading is indicated by a vertical line on the graph.

Now, move the point of -100, -100 on the value you want to be in the "N" switch position. For example, -100, -50 (this will give -50 for the "N" position). Next add 0,0 point (easiest way is when switch is in "the middle", then the point will be inserted immediately to the right place). The point, of course, can be moved into desired positions such as: 0,20

There is still third point 100,100, which also can be moved to expected position, eg 100,80.

In this way, we set up a separate value for each of the positions of the three-position switch, in this example (-50,20,80)

You can achieve this in many other ways, but this is the most "optimal" (fastest, all in one place and it takes the least resources).
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