FAQ Where I can find reverses in this firmware?

Published on 01/27/2012
I have a question, where I can find reverses in this firmware?
Reverses can be configured in 3 different ways, depends what we want to achieve.

  1. Classic approach, if servo is installed in such way, that it need to use reverse. Then we can enable it during servo centering. Press and host MENU key over 3 second and after release, reverse will be enabled (menu BASIC -> Servo Center, or MODEL->Outputs(servos). Such reverse will be calid for whole single model config. Usage example: wing servos - one of them usually work in reverse mode.
  2. If you are accustomed to THR acting in opposite direction (off when on top). Then you should enable reverse when calibrating sticks(Configuration -> Stick Calibration ). Reverse will be enabled that same sequence as before (Hold MENU at least 3 seconds. After releasing the Minimum and Maximum values ​​will be switched). This reverse is global setting and will be used for all configurations (for each loaded model).
  3. Reverse that is a part of model configuration. For example: Aileron settings requires every aileron move in different direction. Such behaviors are set in mixers.
    MAIL -> Out1 (Cpy: input%: 100 Expo:0)
    MAIL -> Out2 (Rev: Input%: -100 Expo:0)
    Such a setting "works" only if mixer is active (the condition of its launch is true). For example, it can be active in a particular phase of flight.
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