can I replace atmega64 to atmega128 or 1280?

Published on 02/22/2012
can I replace atmega64 to atmega128 or 1280?
For atmega 128 - Yes, but it is impossible for atmega1280 because of different pinout of the chip (it is bigger - 100 pads).

But what for You want replacement? I have already replaced Atmega64 to Atmega128 in one of my Tx but I don't use any extra EEPROM or FLASH. If I rely on extra eeprom or flash, then that project will not run on "standard" transmitter without modification. Change of main processor is hard task (surface mounted 64 legs) and only few people are able to do this.

For now I use almost all RAM and EEPROM. Program should fit in 64 Kbytes flash (for now it takes over 62kb now, so it should fit), so I don't think that chip replace is needed. Only one advantage - You can recompile sources with optimization for speed. You get bigger code (which don't fit in ATMega64), but you gain about 15% speed (less latency).

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